Wal-Mart Mandate   Wand
Wal-Mart made RFID front page news in 2003 when it issued a mandate requiring its top 100 suppliers to attach RFID tags positively identifying all cases and pallets by Jan. 1, 2005 . Wal-Mart has since relaxed its requirements allowing suppliers more time. But industry experts think eventually such tagging will become mandatory with suppliers to all major retailers.
See Light pen.
Wedge   WINS
A device that plugs in between a keyboard and a terminal or PC. Allows data to be entered either by the keyboard or an attached scanner.
A compliance marking term. Warehouse Information Network Standard. Defines EDI transaction types for the warehouse industries.
Work-In-Progress/Process. An application using bar code totes and bar code scanners to track lots through a manufacturing operation.
Write Once Read Many. A tag that a user can write to just once.
Write range   Writer
Distance from which data on an RFID tag can be written or changed.
An OS/400 program that serves as a link between an output queue and a printer. Normally the writer is started automatically at OS/400 IPL time.