Ultra High Frequency: transmitting between 300 MHz and 3 GHz. Typically UHF RFID tags operate in a region between 860 MHz to 960MHz. At present, there is no universally approved global frequency for UHF RFID use.
Unique Item Identifier, a value in the Item Unique Identification system used by the US Department of Defense for the identification of accountable equipment as per DoD Instruction 5000.64.
Universal Product Code. The standard bar code type for retail products in the United States . See also UPC-A and UPC-E.
A fixed length, numeric, continuous bar code type used primarily in the retail industry for labeling packages. The UPC-A symbol encodes a number system character, 10 digits of data, and a Mod 10 check digit for error correction.
A UPC symbol encoding six digits of data in an arrangement that occupies less area than a UPC-A symbol. The UPC-E bar code type is a shortened version of the UPC-A bar code type in which zeroes are suppressed, resulting in codes that require less printing space. Used for labeling small items.
A compliance marking term. Uniform Product Carton Code, a standard administered by the UCC.