Savants   Scale Printer
Distributed middleware designed by the Auto-ID Center to filter data from EPC readers and pass it on to enterprise systems.
Scale printer can print thermal tickets or thermal labels as industrial pre-packing application.
Scanner   SDLC
An electro/optical device that converts the bars and spaces of a bar code field into electrical signals.
Synchronous data link control. Protocol supported by the IBM System i for communicating with other IBM System i (iSeries, AS/400), mainframe, System/36, and System/38 systems.
Semi-active tag   Semi-passive tag
Another name for a battery-assisted tag.
Another name for a battery-assisted tag. Uses battery to run circuitry but does not broadcast its own signal.
SER   Show Through
A bar code verification term. Substitution error rate. The rate of occurrence of incorrect characters.
A bar code verification term. Generally undesirable property of a supply that permits underlying markings to be seen.
SKU   Slap and ship
Stock Keeping Units. In a distribution/retail environment, a generic term for item number.
The process of applying an RFID label to a case or pallet just before it leaves a supplier's facility. Often used by companies for basic compliance with companies to require shipments with RFID tags.
SNA   Space Width
System Network Architecture. Enterprise communications standard developed by IBM.
A bar code verification term. The thickness of a space measured from the edge closest to the symbol start character to the trailing edge of the same space.
Spectral Response   Stacked code
A bar code verification term. The variation in sensitivity of a test surface to light of different wavelengths.
Maxicode, 16K and Code 49 are examples where a long bar code field is broken into sections and "stacked" one upon the other, resulting in codes that are extremely compact.
Stacker   Standard
An optional electromechanical accessory that is invaluable for unattended, organized, printing and cutting of multiple batches of tags.
A compliance marking term. A set of rules, specifications, instructions and directions to use a bar code or other automatic identification system. Usually issued by a trade organization.
Start-stop Character   Strap
A special bar code character that provides the scanner with start and stop reading instructions as well as scanning direction indicator.
Component of a tag connecting the chip to the antenna.
Substrate   Supply
The surface on which a bar code field is printed. Can be a label, tag, or paper supply.
See substrate.
Symbol   Symbol Length
A combination of bar code characters, including start/stop characters, quiet zones, data characters, and check characters required by a particular symbology, which form a complete, scannable entity.
The distance between the outside edges of the quiet zones on the two ends of a bar code field.
Symbology   Synchronous communication
Bar code type.
Transmission of data which does not use special control bits, but requires a master clock signal for coordination between the devices. The clock may be a separate signal, or it may be part of the data.