ILD   Infrared
Infrared laser diode. Used in some hand laser scanners to project a light beam.
The band of light wavelengths too long to be seen by the human eye. Used in access control and security applications where bar code fields must not be visible by human eye -- only to an infrared scanner.
Interleaved 2 of 5   Interrogator
A high density, self-checking, continuous numeric bar code type in which each character is composed of five elements: five bars or five spaces. Of the five elements, two are wide and three are narrow. The bar code is formed by interleaving characters formed with all spaces into characters formed with all bars. Total number of digits must be even.
Another name for a reader because it "interrogates" the tag for data.
Intelligent Reader   ISO/IEC
RFID reader with some processing, filtering and command execution ability, similar to that of a PC.
International Organization for Standardization. International organization of 146 countries setting individual national standards institutes.
Tagging of individual items, as opposed to tagging cases or pallets.