Gen2   GEPL
Shorthand for EPC Class 1 Generation 2. The standard ratified by EPCglobal for the air interface protocol for the latest (second generation) EPC technologies. (See EPC.)
GoDEX Eltron® Printer Language
Global Trade Item Number (GTIN)   GoDEX
Developed by Global Standard One (GS1), an organization for developing international commerce standards. The code is used to store and retrieve product information in a global database.
Established in 1993, with its headquarters in Taipei Taiwan, GoDEX International is an engineering company that specializes in designing and manufacturing barcode printing products that lead the industry in the value price, high performance category. GoDEX has offices in the US, Europe and China and its products are distributed world-wide.
GPS   Guard Bars
Global Positioning System. Satellite navigation system used for determining the user's precise location and providing an accurate time reference worldwide.
The bars that are at both ends and center of a UPC and EAN bar code type. They provide reference points for reading, serving a function similar to start/stop codes.

GoDEX Zebra® Printer Language