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What are Piggyback Labels?

When sending a direct mail communication to your prospects or clients, you want to make it as quick and easy as possible for people to respond.  Piggyback labels are a great tool to simplify the response process for mail recipients, as well as to help you generate the maximum return on investment for your mail campaign.

You've probably seen piggyback labels before, although you might not have known what they were called.  A piggyback label is a two-layered label where the base layer is the backing for the top layer.  The base remains affixed to the mailing, and the peel-off layer can be removed and re-attached to another surface.  Essentially, the peel-off label is “piggybacking” onto the base layer (hence the name).

If your mass mailing requires a generic response, piggyback labels are ideal.  For example, you can save your clients and prospects time by including labels with their name and contact information so they don’t have to fill out that portion manually.  If someone can just peel and stick a label, they are more likely to respond to your request.

There are three variations of piggyback labels that can work in a variety of applications.  In a flush cut label, the top and bottom labels are the same size.  Flush cut labels can also be created with tabs on the side that make them easier to peel off.  An alternative to this is the nested label, which has a slightly smaller top layer than a base.  This makes the top easier to peel off, and allows the user to see that the label is actually intended to be peeled off.  In all three variations, both the top and bottom layers can be printed on using a barcode printer.

Express mail envelopes, reminder cards, sweepstakes, promotions and product registrations are just a few examples of how piggyback labels can be used. To learn more about piggyback labels and what they can mean for your next direct mail campaign, contact a Godex representative today. You’ll learn how a Godex barcode printer can produce a variety of different piggyback labels.



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