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Are All Barcodes Created Equal?

Are All Barcodes Created Equal?


Generally speaking yes, the quality and performance of printed barcodes are pretty much the same, especially when evaluating the mass majority, which are printed on paper using thermal printers.


According to VDC Research Group, a technology research and consulting firm that has been following the barcode industry for more than 20 years, thermal has become the printing technology of choice for users with high volume, on-demand label printing applications. Please visit VDC’s website for more industry barcode printer information. http://www.vdcresearch.com/


And since most thermal printer brands today use very similar hardware and software components, all thermal barcode printers do an equally good job printing standard barcodes on paper. Barcodes that are printed from brand A,B,C,D, and E  are all good and literally indistinguishable.  Granted, when it comes to printing 600 dpi, .25” x .25” Kapton labels, at 10 ips, a new standard applies, however that is a very, very small minority of the total barcodes that are printed.


So what are good barcodes?  It is actually pretty simple; nice dark black bars on a crisp white background, properly spaced apart, and with good clean edges.  Or, if you would like a more technical explanation, please visit the Aim Global site and this page:


If in fact barcodes and barcode printers are essentially generic, then what should the user consider when evaluating different printer brand choices.  Here are three important decision criteria to consider:


  1. Price – What is the cost of the printer? If all barcodes are created equal, why should you pay more?
  2. Warranty – How long does the manufacture stand behind the reliability of it products?
  3. Service – If you have questions, will they be answered quickly and at no extra cost?


Godex International specializes in exactly what the barcode printer market needs today; low-priced high quality barcode printers, supported by outstanding service and long warranties.


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