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Could Standalone Printing Save You Money?

To handle their various printing needs, most businesses today have some sort of all-in-one printer. There are some benefits to these machines, as they typically can print, copy, fax and perform numerous other tasks you might need on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to printing barcodes, these all-in-one solutions could actually cost you money in the long term. Instead, it’s worth exploring the benefits of incorporating a standalone barcode printer into your processes.

A more efficient solution

Perhaps most notably, stand-alone printing reduces a company’s initial investment by negating the need for costly infrastructure like monitors and computers. They can also save you money on things like ink, toner and maintenance—costs that can add up significantly as time goes on.

Standalone barcode printers are also considerably more efficient than the alternatives out there. The models available at GoDEX, for example, include features such as tap to print, scan to print and installing forms to the computer into which users can enter variables. Your team is able to print on the go, eliminating costly down time. All printing work gets streamlined to standalone devices used for only that single purpose, improving workflow processes.

These considerations are especially pertinent for small business owners. You may think that your company does not have big enough printing and copying needs to justify separate devices. But if you calculate printing costs over the course of the year, you’re likely to discover that your costs are higher than you’d think. The fact is that you could be wasting thousands of dollars a year without even realizing it.

The GoDEX Difference

There are some clear benefits to using a standalone printer for your barcode labeling needs, rather than depending on a less efficient all-in-one solution. GoDEX printers are feature-rich and highly intuitive, boosting users’ productivity and ultimately saving them a great deal of time and money. From labels to barcodes, and desktop models to the latest in mobile printing, these solutions are designed to improve efficiency without sacrificing quality.

As you look at your company’s operations, take a look at how you are handling your printing and think about if it might be time for a change. A standalone barcode printer may be just what you need for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

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