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Pen and Paper vs. Barcoding: How are You Tracking?

If you are still using an Excel spreadsheet, pen and paper or sign-in/sign-out sheets for tracking your company’s assets and inventory, it may be time to check out some of the simple and affordable barcode technology that is making these processes more efficient and secure.

A better way for inventory can be found in software like GoLabel, a free labeling tool that allows businesses and organizations to engage in sound asset tracking that’s simply not possible with the more old-school methods out there. Among other features, the software includes state-of-the art tools like database integration, date and time stamps and multilingual support. It just might be the final push you need to change your processes for the better.

Incorporating new technology into your asset management

We get it—it’s difficult to change how you operate, especially if you’ve been using the same processes for many years and all your staff members are used to the way things have always been done. But in the long term, technology provides outstanding opportunities for you to keep track of your inventory and assets, setting up your company for success in an incredibly competitive—and increasingly digital—business world.

Case in point: one of the key benefits of using software like GoLabel is tracking ghost assets, which are fixed assets that have come to the end of their usability. This may be because they’ve been lost or stolen, or that they have just plain stopped working. Keeping track of ghost assets manually is difficult and time-consuming, and also highly prone to human error. After all, most spreadsheets contain data-entry mistakes.

On the contrary, asset management software automates this process, eliminating these mistakes and giving you more thorough and accurate data to examine.

Creating secure digital records

Unlike a sign-in sheet or folders full of paper, asset management software gives you the ability to create digital records that cannot be lost or misplaced. Printing barcodes for every item will help your company keep track its inventory, as by scanning the barcode, you gain access to a wealth of information about the item in question. This system works well with the mobile nature of today’s technology.

This software is also much more likely to maintain continuity across audits and changes in personnel. When one employee leaves and a new person comes in, there won’t be any need to spend time learning an idiosyncratic system. With a “what you see is what you get” design interface, GoLabel makes it simple for anyone to jump in and learn the process quickly. This makes the software conducive to your company’s growth.

Running nearly any type of business is complicated, and it’s important to simplify your processes wherever possible. Through asset management software like GoLabel, you can ease any concerns you have about tracking your inventory and place your attention on other areas of your company’s operations.

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