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Key Issues to Consider When Printing Barcodes on Fabric

Do you need to quickly and effectively add a unique touch to gift items? Or perhaps you’re looking to spruce up a holiday product line at your small business. Barcode thermal printing on fabric allows you to do just that—and it’s more flexible than you might imagine.

With a high-performing thermal printer, you can get creative with your barcode labels and find the solution for which you’ve been searching.

Tips for fabric barcode printing

There are several different methods for printing barcodes on fabric. The most popular and least expensive is the freezer paper method. This involves cutting the fabric into a size that fits your printer, and then ironing the fabric. You place a piece of freezer paper—the same size as the fabric—on top, so that it adheres to the fabric. Place this in your printer, ensuring that it will print on the fabric side. Then, select the “best photo” option for printing.

The label method is similar, but involves reusing shipping labels instead of freezer paper. The spray adhesive method, meanwhile, involves spraying a piece of cardstock (instead of freezer paper), and affixing it to the fabric.

With all these techniques, it is important to make sure you do not have any frayed edges or dangling threads, as they can get caught in the printer. You may also purchase printable fabric sheets—an easy option for quick barcode label printing.

These methods have a wide range of applications, as they can be used for printing on floral ribbons, gift box ribbons, clothing, pillows, hand bags, decorative items and more.

A flexible barcode label solution for your needs

If you would like to experiment with printing barcodes on fabric, GoDEX offers a variety of printers and software that give you the ability to do just that. For the past 20-plus years, the company has offered high-quality barcode printers, scanners and software, along with elevated customer service. GoDEX just may be the solution you’ve been seeking for your more unconventional barcode printing needs.

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