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GoDEX Launches NEW Website!

NEW GoDEX website ONLINE!!

The GoDEX official website www.godexintl.com has improved design, functionality and navigation, a whole new touch and feel that will dramatically change your experience. Just to name a few of the new features:

  1. A spiffy product selector tool for all language users. Smart, fast and simple; product information all at your finger tips
  2. Support and downloads much more accessible
  3. A well-organized news area to learn more about our events and all things “GoDEX” related
  4. A multi-language site suitable for all users with no boundaries

Besides, check out some new services and software that GoDEX offers:  

GoLabel PDF software

This FREE GoLabel software is for ALL users to create and edit barcode labels on the fly. You don’t even have to use a barcode printer! Laser printers, inkjet printers or any office/household printers would do the magic. “Barcodes Made Easy” is what you’ll experience with this GoDEX GoLabel software!

GoDEX FREE GoLabel software

GoDEX offers Ribbons!

We now supply a variety of Ribbons to fit your printing needs. Wax, Wax/Resin, Resin, or near edge ribbons are all available and customizable to suit your demanding printing applications. We are just a phone call away.

GoDEX Ribbons 


There are many barcode printing applications and we have combined some of the most common applications to share with you. Not only can you find barcode printer information but also useful applications and solutions in the Auto ID industry.

 Barcode Printer applications

Product Selector Tool:

Don’t know which product is suitable for your application yet? Not to worry. Try GoDEX product selector tool to find out. Just answer some simple questions and we will give you some suggestions.

Product seletor tool


What are you waiting for? Come on and check out our new site http://www.godexintl.com now!



Have suggestions on our new site?

Have you encountered any bugs or issues?

Please email all comments to marketing@godexintl.com

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