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Printing Barcodes for the Textile Industry


In the textile industry, authenticity is one of the hottest commodities. When your customers appreciate the quality and craftsmanship you put into your products, there’s nothing worse than an imitation brand that cuts into your profits and weakens your reputation. Furthermore, textile products can be subject to abuse during the shipping process, which may ruin the quality and ultimately negates the hard work you put you’re your product.


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to track your textile goods from the initial bolt to the finished products? With a barcode printing kit from Godex, you can! By choosing the right barcode creator, you can follow your product from the roll to the sales rack.


Making barcodes with Godex barcode printers enables you to add text, graphics, bar codes and radio frequency identification (RFID) to your textile products to help with materials management, production number tracking and inventory, as well as follow the distribution process. You can even create labels with brand protection media to embed security features. In this way, you—and your clients—will always know that your product is authentic, not counterfeited.


If you’re looking to generate barcodes to identify and track your textiles, Godex offers a variety of media, adhesive and printer combinations to get the job done efficiently and at a low cost to you. You can track your product from the moment it’s put on the roll with our wide-label applicators and printers. With these, you can produce barcode labels long and wide enough to easily indentify rolls from the initial inventory to when they’re shipped out and sent to retailers.


For distribution centers and retail locations, Godex offers handheld and cart-mounted barcode printers to make relabeling or creating tags and receipts convenient from anywhere. We also carry a range of industrial and desktop printers for the wireless printing of labels for items, cartons and pallets.


By printing barcodes with Godex, you also benefit from a full array of printer, material and software options to match up with virtually any barcode or RFID smart label application. If you’re ready to make tracking and authenticating your textile products easier than ever, contact a Godex representative today. You can also learn more about all of our barcoding products at http://www.godexintl.com.


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