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All About CCD Barcode Scanners


When you’re thinking about a barcode printing kit for your company or business, you might wonder about the benefits of handheld CCD barcode scanners compared to laser scanners. When you need to create labels and generate barcodes for point of sale or similar applications, CCD scanners have both advantages and disadvantages when compared to laser technology.


CCD scanners have a number of benefits over their laser counterparts when it comes to reading barcodes. Because these scanners have no moving parts, they are not subject to the same wear and mechanical failure that laser scanners are. While laser scanners can be used from a foot or two away, CCD scanners have faster scan rates—at 45 scans per second or more—and are usually smaller and lighter than laser scanners.


Because it can be held further away, laser scanners can read longer barcodes than CCD barcode scanners. However, CCD devices are still able to read code lengths from barcode printers of three to four inches, and are usually less expensive than laser units. In addition, CCD scanners are also cost-effective options because they use LED lights, which have around ten times the lifespan of laser components and are safe for direct viewing. This means savings for both lights and safety equipment.


In terms of available communication interfaces, the Keyboard Wedge interface is the most common. This connects the keyboard and console of your computer so that the barcode data can be exchanged more efficiently. The standard serial interface, the RS-232, also works well with the CCD, as long as you have the software drivers to input data from the port. For cash register or point of sale applications, OCIA will work well with CCD technology, and the lightweight maneuverability of the CCD barcode scanner is optimal for wand emulation interfaces.


Whatever your barcoding or wireless printing needs may be, Godex carries the product to meet and exceed those needs. If you have any questions about making barcodes for your application, please don't hesitate to contact a Godex representative today or visit www.godexintl.com

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